Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wait whaaaaaaat?

I could swear I was just in here bloggin away a week ago but apparently it's been a month. I'm in the last week of my last class for my Master's in Marketing and I've had a lot going on with my final project BUT!!!!!!!! I've still had plenty of time to bo it up.  I think I'm about 75% of the way through my 36 required hours and trying to keep up with at least an hour a day to get it all done.  Bo Kata 2 is no joke, I'll say that right now. 

I should definitely start sharing this on my Facebook page so that someone out there will have a chance to read it. Something to think about.....

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Studying bo techniques

For the record, bo practice has been more eventful than my bo blog thus far but it's still been a slow start. I'm in the last class of my Mater's program and that's taking a lot of attention and focus but I'm still very confident in being able to get my green chevron in 90 days.

What's great about GMAU is that I have classes to follow along but there are also separate lesson videos for every technique I need to learn. For me, that's the best place to start. So I've watched all of the lesson videos at least once and taken notes on the steps in each technique. I review the steps and practice and I log all that practice in my journal. I've got a few hours of practice done so I'm just over 10% done already.

The hardest part about this green chevron level is definitely the kata- that's like a martial arts dance routine. This one has four long sections with a lot of techniques all strung together into one piece. It took an hour today watching, pausing, re-watching, and writing down all the steps in Bo Kata 2. I remember thinking the first kata was difficult but this new one makes me miss it. Definitely looking forward to the point where I have the whole kata down. Maybe around that time I'll tell someone I have a bo staff blog.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Commencing my 90 Day Challenge

Hello interwebbers,

I've been learning the bo staff through Global Martial Arts University online and I just reached my first goal getting my yellow chevron (the bo program uses chevron patches instead of belts so you don't have to double up on belts like some sort of madman). The next goal is the green chevron and I've got 36 hours of practice to log before I can take my final exam. I'm telling you this because it's the start of GMAU's 90 DAY CHALLENGE and I have 90 days to complete my training and earn my green chevron. Piece of cake. And you get to hear all about me an this cake for the next three months. I envy you all. That's all right now but stay tuned or you're a quitter.